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Themba wrote: I just love playing soccer with my friends. I also love playing rugby and I love my dog. Jamie I have a

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On Tuesday 10th of December, in Simon’s Town Library hall, there will be a gathering of storytellers, musicians and children to celebrate the end

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After the recent two-day workshop in Clanwilliam, so many children asked for more, that CBN has initiated a Stories on Saturdays project. Our partner

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Grade Four children (9 years old) at Elizabethfontein Primary School wrote about emotions seen on faces.  Yellow Happy faces: ‘I draw my friend, and

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Jay Heale reflects on changing methods of getting it all down on paper. When I started teaching in South Africa (in the archaic year

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Books of Africa – Jay Heale writes on some statistics from America, and thoughtfully examines some from his own experience in South Africa. Two

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CBN was very privileged to host a wonderful dance team at our Heritage Day workshop on September 24th. It began with a visit to

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When I am angry I go to a dark room. That room is so dark there is only one hole that the light comes

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Not often does one drop in on a weekday afternoon at a Cape Town township high school and find a group of teenagers practicing

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Cederberg Stories: Workshop for Clanwilliam: Clanwilliam Heritage workshop, Home, Landscape and Me – 23rd and 24th September 2013 – Heritage Day and beyond. CBN


  Translation There is a desperate need for more mother-tongue reading material for South Africa’s children. This should ideally be stories written in local languages,


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