Workshop Reports

Day Two and a different set of children – and expectations. We foregathered for games to let off steam and then separated for different

CBN Books

Today is the day when the world should be focussing on literacy. We SHOULD be. It is the single best chance for a way

General Reports

CBN workshops encompass a rich mix of story, activity, books, art, books, drama, books, craft, books, puppets, books … whatever it takes. Here is

Toolbox Reports

The Super-Books are an integral part of the toolboxes – and sooner or later, we have to fix the titles we will be including.

Toolbox Reports

CBN has created our own super hero – Zeb, Super-Book-Hero! With text by Lesley Beake and illustrations by Vian Oelofsen, Zeb leads the way

Toolbox Reports

Spreading the reading word … For some time CBN has been looking for a way to reach more children – to excite more children


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