Our Board members

Children’s Book Network has always been fortunate with the captains who steer the ship. Starting with the late Richard Parsons, who advised us even before we had a board, we have enjoyed good counsel, good friendship – and good governance. They might often be unseen, unheard and un-spoken of to the children we work with, but they are integral to everything we do.

Roy Zazeraj stepped in as our first chairman and brought with him two other members of Rotary Newlands, Kenny van Aaart and Mike Walwyn. They retired after three long, hard years and (gratefully) handed over to a new – more local – group. We thank them sincerely. Registering for the various bits of paperwork (Tax Exemption and Not for Profit Status) to say nothing of two bank accounts, would have daunted lesser beings.


The Chairman of our current board is Anthony Gregorowski who was dragooned into accepting the post after promises that it ‘wouldn’t be that bad’. It wasn’t, and he has been a most amazing chairman bringing a lightness of touch, compassion and humour to the job.

Lesley Beake is Founding-Director, responsible for all the planning and new ideas that drive our projects along.

Our accounts are extremely competently managed by Elsa Gebhard and audited annually by Hermanus Accounting. Elsa puts a great deal into making sure that all our records are up to date.

 Anthony, our Chair, is ably assisted by Deputy Chair Dave Mohr and members Hildegard Witbooi and Lesley Beake (Director). At our next board meeting on 15th February 2022, we will be inducting two new board members – Penny Louw, who has a long standing relationship of kindness with CBN. And Terkura Terry, a local musician also with a history of working with us and for the children.

We have also taken the step of co-opting some advisory board members – Ursula Gregorowski, Chris Wolfe, Elzane Steynberg and (when he can be dragged away from his vineyards), Tariro Masayiti. We can also call on Janine van Rooi – who is a strong supporter of CBN with her own Blaq Pearl Foundation in Mitchell’s Plain. Nini Stevens is an additional signatory on our payments and  Our Board Secretary is our excellent Admin Manager, Wilien van Zyl. A dream team indeed …


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