Many people have been involved in setting up and sustaining CBN. Some deserve special mention – and here it comes.

Richard Parsons

Friend, supporter, advisor, counselor, networker and spontaneous cheque-writer, Richard served on our board and was an integral part of everything we do. Mention a difficulty or a challenge and Richard was on his cellphone and organizing – effectively – his advice always tempered by a cautious: I’m not saying what you should do, but …’ We thank him for his input and good advice. Sadly, we lost Richard to cancer in September 2014. We will miss him.

Lesley wrote an article to say goodbye:

Hugh Clarke and Mary Cadogan

Mary and Hugh (who have been secretly married for over 25 years, in spite of the surnames) are veteran volunteers who have now moved on to a special category of their own – sustainers. When the going gets tough, they stand at our backs and get things moving again. They travel over from Ireland faithfully, toil away at technical and any other tasks that turn up, provide sustenance at moments of collapse and are just always there. We thank them for all of that.

Jay Heale

Organizer, editor, book-expert, advisor, reviewer and faithful friend of books and children, Jay was our Book Editor between 2014 and 2018, providing generous amounts of information and friendship in almost equal measure, acting as referee on tricky editorial matters and offering links to book people worldwide. As the organizer of the wildly successful 2004 IBBY conference in Cape Town, and as the Past Editor of Bookchat, he is in a class of his own. We thank him sincerely.



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