We invite children between ten and twelve (the ones who are most likely to stop reading at this point) to come to free workshops after school or on Saturdays. These vary in size and scope. We gave 4-day workshops during holidays in in our early years. These days we offer many more, shorter workshops that work around themed books, specially written texts and activities. Sometimes these shorter events will cover a theme for multiple workshops.

Workshops are a testing ground for all our written materials – around 800 new and specially created stories, non-fiction texts, poems and songs are collated in themes including topics like bravery, imagination, and environmental issues. Each of these has been written with local children in mind.

Number of workshops in for first six months of 2023 was 39

Number of children attending over 700

In addition, we have a core collection of books on each theme and an extensive collection of books that may be borrowed and taken home to read.

To explore the workshops we have held and learn more, visit our Workshop Reports archive.

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