Project Reports

The first sounds in the very first CBN workshop were musical as well as magic – Senegalese drums played for us by our friends

CBN Books

Quote by Anne Herbert. “Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.”

Workshop Reports

On Monday 24th September (which is a public holiday for Heritage Day in South Africa), CNB held a very successful workshop at Butterfly Centre

Workshop Reports

Workshops with a heritage theme Saturday Stories: On Saturday 8th September Saturday Stories: On Saturday 15th September Heritage Day Celebration on Monday 24 September

General News

For over two years now, Chantel Oosthuysen has guarded the financial battlements of CBN, fought off the invasions of internet banking complications, written down

General Reports

We already have a splendid, eager, hard-working team of teenagers – ably led by Nyasha Makwarimba, who has worked with CBN for well over

General Reports

We have always believed – and said publicly – that CBN must stick to what it does. That is to work with children of

Friends. Where would we be without them?

Our website is an important tool to communicate and record what we do. Computer difficulties can get in the way of that! But we

General Reports

Monday 10th April saw twenty children assembling in the Butterfly Centre in Stanford – early, as usual, with their community facilitator Vuyokasi Siza and


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