Easter Saturday Workshop


CBN will offer a workshop on Saturday 19th April with the theme ‘Expressions’

This workshop will be well supported by the Teen Team, and we will be asking them to help with some administration tasks as well as the setting up of CBN Book Club, where children will be encouraged to take books home (and, hopefully, bring them back!)

In this workshop we will look at how we interpret and react to facial expressions and body language. Materials used will be:

The book Voyage, by Aaron Becker. There are no words in this book, so everything has to be deduced from the way people look and present themselves in the fabulous illustrations.

Prepared cards of photographs from National Geographic showing either faces or body language.

Clapping game – but this time the child in the entre of the ring has to make a face or movement to express an emotion.

Teen Team will present themselves and talk about how important reading is to them.

Activities: (3 Groups)

• Book Detectives:
• Making a story form the Expression cards and the story dice. Illustrating the story.

• Decorating hard-boiled eggs with emoticons or faces.

• Book Club – 8 children who are regular participants will be registered for book club and allowed to choose a book after a quiet reading time.

Thanks: Go, as always, to The Butterfly Centre for sharing their premises with us and to our funders for their support, including ZA-FM Public Interest Fund.

Our thanks to:
The Butterfly Centre for sharing their premises with us. To ZA-FM Public Interest Fund for their generous funding of out projects.

We work with children who have completed their first few years of school and are in the difficult stage (between 9 and 12 years of age) where they can read, but often don’t. Our aim is to encourage a love of reading and books through exciting workshops where we present themed stories and books, allow for quiet reading alone or with a friend, play games around the theme and have a great deal of fun in the process. Our participants write, read, sing, song-write, discuss, play and make music. We introduce them to the joys of non-fiction and often invite visiting presenters who share their special knowledge or skills in creative arts. Our aim is not just to help children to enjoy reading – but to make them happy in a safe environment where they can be free to let their imaginations fly with books and stories.

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