Warm up game

On Friday 21 June CBN hosted a workshop at Enlighten Trust , attended by 28 children. The theme of the workshop was ‘Windows’. It was focused on what you saw as you looked outside a window and what you see when you’re looking in one.

Lesley welcomed everyone and gave a quick brief on the events of the day. The children then made way for an opening exercise where they introduced themselves followed by a series of fun games. After the games, the workshop begun.

After the reading of the book, we wrote a song. At first it seemed impossible as we brainstormed the lyrics. The songs name was – Curiosity- It was focused around what the children saw as they looked out of their windows at home. Takura Terry came with his guitar to assist with the new melody for the song. With great help from the vocals of Vuyo, Terry and I as well as all the children the song soon became a hit. It was highly successful as the song turned into a masterpiece.

The video can be viewed on our Instagram page.

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