25 May Workshop


Saturday 25th May, we had a workshop in Stanford in which 34 children attended. The theme was Friendship.
We started of the workshop with an ice-breaker where the new children were given the chance to introduce themselves, followed by a series of games and laughter. We then proceeded to the reading area, and as a team we created the story about “Mabel and Steve” who go on a journey through the village discovering the different types of friendships as well as emotions that are attached to them.

After the group creative writing, the book club went into the CBN library for quiet reading. The book club has gained many keen readers who are interested. It was great to see some of choir children sneaking out of the singing to come and do some quiet reading. The remaining children split up into two groups. One group started writing a new song with the assistance of Vuyo and her husband Pumlani whiles the second group, little CBN, went outside to play games with Pumeza.

I was given the chance to have a one on one with a child who expressed her feelings of what she would like to see more in CBN. She just gave me a great idea which I will explain in more detail before the following workshop.

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