CBN Children sing their own tune and dance to their own drum


When famous hip-hop singer Janine van Rooy (Blaq Pearl) works with our children, they write songs together. It isn’t easy – and the rules are that what they want to say goes in, regardless of the difficulties (as with ‘load-shedding’ in this example!)

They work on the ideas, discussing their lives and communities, and then sing it with confidence, the input of passing musicians – and brio!

Our Song – 18-19 March 2019
‘Us workshop’

X2 We like to do Art load-shedding makes it hard.
Our food is so yummy we hop like a bunny.

Through the fields, to the mountain.
The beach is so nice
We feel like dancing

Our heart is singing but
We don’t feel like playing

We like reading about animals
We like swimming but
too much litter around us!

This is our song!

Thank you to Blaq Pearl, our funders for this workshop and Enlighten Education Trust, who hosted the event.

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