Friends. Where would we be without them?

CBN is about books, but we also hope that the children we work with are inspired to dream their own dreams and set their

CBN Books

The story of the book Fly, Eagle, Fly! presented by Jay Heale Fly, Eagle, Fly! has become the most famous picture-book story in South

What Children?

This is the song of welcome sung by Red Hill children at the triumphant arrival of Johan Wiklund after his epic flight from northern

General Reports

Several dreams came true yesterday in an emotional day of welcome and much thanksgiving for CBN and our friends from Sweden and Rotary International.

General Reports

Johan Wiklund is on his way on the last short hop to Cape Town. CBN is ready to meet him! This flight from northern

General Reports

On Saturday 24th October at 3.10 pm, Swedish pilot Johan Wiklund will land his Moth bi-plane in Stellenbosch having completed an epic flight across

General News

Although ‘officially’ retired, Jay Heale continues to grace us with an excellent newsletter for which we are very grateful. Please find the latest attached

Project Reports

Red Hill children will be examining the concept of Courage – in life as well as in small aeroplanes – on the morning of

Workshop Reports

CBN will hold a workshop on the afternoon of Thursday 15th October at Clanwilliam Living Landscape project as part of the Heritage Symposium being

General Reports

A small, but important workshop will be held for new readers on Tuesday 14th July. This will be at the same time as the

General Reports

Some days are just wonderful. The last three days of CBN workshop in Clanwilliam have been days we will never forget – and we


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