Workshop Reports

Cold but sunny was a good forecast for children who need to let off steam before workshops and during lunch. The third day of

General Reports

On Saturday 28 May a rather huge group of children wanted to join what turned out to be a successful morning for twelve signed

Workshop Reports

On Saturday, 30 April, CBN held its second workshop in Stanford, entitled Cats. Word had got out about the CBN workshops, and 32 children

General Reports

Excited children boarded the minibus on Friday, 29 April for a visit to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary. The field trip marked the start

CBN Books

World Book Day 2016 is here. The event is commemorated every year on 23 April by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

What Children?

The CBN team works with children who are needy in all of these aspects of their lives, underprivileged in the lack of opportunity and


Champion of Children. CBN was really – really – sorry when Rosemary announced her return to Britain after three years of providing a firm

CBN Books

Here, as promised, are the blogs and web reports (with pictures) of the Book Dash on Saturday. It was a truly splendid occasion! •


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