Toolbox handover: Red Cross Hospital Children’s School


On Friday 13th October, CBN delivered the third of our prototype reading toolboxes to Red Cross at a 2-hour workshop attended by members of Rotary Newlands (who donated the toolbox) and the principal and members of the staff of the hospital school, which does vital work in keeping hospitalised children interested and distracted. It’s challenging work, but of immense importance to those children. We aim to support the school further in this work – and hope that the toolboxes will be of assistance to them. A workshop will be held with the children there during this fourth term.

The three toolboxes that have now been distributed (two others to Red Hill informal settlement and Sevile Primary School in Khayelitsha), are prototypes. We are hoping for feedback that will help with the further development of this big project and look forward to working with those who are using them.

Primrose Mrwebi, board member and Trust Secretary of CBN attended and assisted with the presentation. Buyiswa Ponti from Red Hill struggled through traffic and delays, but managed to attend the short meeting held afterwards. Thank you to them both. Ian Dewar acted as driver on the long trip from Stanford.

This workshop was funded by the Crankhandle Club, who provided funds to buy the toolbox for Red Hill informal settlement.
Our thanks to Red Cross Children’s Hospital School for hosting the workshop and inviting their staff to share the presentation.

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