Toolbox: Reading Game


CBN has been busy developing a reading game during this year. Research was begun by Rosemary Bangham and Emily Halinan on an original idea by Lesley Beake, and further developed by Chantel Oosthuysen with designer Siobhan Twomey. As with everything we do, it is a work in progress, very much based on the reactions of the children at our workshops.

The game i played like any other board game with a dice and counters. The difference is that, before they can proceed, players have to find information from a book or other themed text and read not only the question, but the answer to the other participants. It results in great hilarity and a lot of competition!

More information available on request.
Image: our youngest facilitator, Nash (far left), who will be in her final year of school next year, plays the game with Stanford children.

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