Help Needed!


We need more local assistance – people who can help us with the detail, follow up on contacts, find discounts for supplies, help with catering. We have a very small, but loyal and hard-working team, but we are stretched beyond capacity. When the admin takes too much of our time, we are not able to deliver as much to the children. It’s frustrating and not good time management – even though much of that admin is what we have to do for good governance and accountability.

• We are in the process of forming a creative team who can be involved in the development of material and in growing new ideas.

• We need practical help at workshops where the proportion of facilitators to children needs to be high.

• We need help with following up discounts and donations in kind – very time consuming, but a way for the community as a whole to be involved.

• We need help with the inevitable fund-raising that any NGO has to face. This can be for small amounts as well as in seeking larger sponsors. Every bit counts.

• We need volunteers who are prepared to be involved as board members.

If you are interested in helping CBN grow and achieve more for the children of the Overstrand, please contact us!
Image in sand by Olivia Winberg

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