General Reports

On Saturday 13th February, 24 children (twenty-five including a baby on someone’s back!), and ten adults converged on Simon’s Town Library for a story

CBN Books

In a panel discussion at a recent PRAESA event in Cape Town, Professor Genevieve Hart, gave the following statistics about libraries in South Africa.

CBN Books

CBN was delighted to facilitate the donation of the children’s book collection of our beloved book editor, Jay Heale when it arrived at Enlighten

General Reports

In the last year Children’s Book Network have been connecting with theatre organisations in and around Cape Town. One such organisation is Jungle Theatre.

CBN Books

The story of the book Fly, Eagle, Fly! presented by Jay Heale Fly, Eagle, Fly! has become the most famous picture-book story in South

What Children?

This is the song of welcome sung by Red Hill children at the triumphant arrival of Johan Wiklund after his epic flight from northern


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