Stanford Winter Workshop 2: Grade 5 Having Fun


For a change, this workshop report is from the children! Triza, Busiswa, Liko, Ouola and Mpokisen gave feedback on a fun (and funny) morning in Stanford at the Butterfly Centre.
We read a funny book, a funny book. About Kubi the Star. We enjoyed it because it was funny. Kubi was clever and he was star. He could do everything.
We posed for pictures on the iPad. Chantel took funny pictures. It was funny and we laughed. Liko looked like a rabbit. Triza had a funny mouth.
We wrote about ourselves. We ate. We played a reading game. Mpokisen won. It was interesting and we were reading. It was fun. Liko’s favourite book is Cherry blossoms, Buyiswa’s is kites, Ouloa likes the Birthday book,
Then we sat down and spoke about the workshop.

Many thanks – as always – to Butterfly Centre for allowing us the use of their school during the holidays.

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