Stanford Creative Works – holiday workshops


The Stanford creative works initiative is a community based project that offers after school creative workshops as well as school based skills development groups and a school readiness program for children from impoverished communities in Stanford. The workshops accommodate children from 3 to 13 year of age and the activities that we offer are art and craft, play , movement and games as well as arts and cultural /nature outings.

What we do:
• Weekly after-school activities for children from 3 – 13 years of age.
• School based skills development groups for foundation phase learners
• School readiness program for grade R learners
• Equip homes in the community with educational toys and art material and train parents/grandparents to facilitate their own creative workshops at home
• Build small pockets of support, community based and community integrated.
• Go into agreement with the community, parents and children to meet the need on-site.
• Engage with relevant stakeholders such as Stanford Police/community police forum, Stanford Rotary, Star literacy, the local schools, social services and others to provide solid support.

Our holiday program December 2016
The holidays are a time for many children in under resourced communities where there is very little stimulation and boredom takes over leading children into potential dangerous situations as parents are often up sent and the structure and protection that the schools are offering during the year is not available. The aim for the Stanford creative holiday program therefore is to offer a safe but stimulating space for children in the holidays.
The Stanford creative holiday program is a collaborative program that pulls on local recourses. Everyone who wishes to be involved is welcome to participate.
Remember: “It takes a whole village to raise a child”

From 12-15 December 2016, Stanford Creative Works plans to hold a Holiday Program in Stanford that offers a variety of creative activities for children. The workshops will be held at various venues in Stanford and open to all children from Grade R to Grade 7.

This Holiday Program is very much a local initiative and we are calling on all local artists, crafters, musicians, and anyone who has some skill they can share with children, to join in and offer a workshop. The more entertaining, the better.

Note: CBN will be attending on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th to offer reading fun workshops

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