What is a toolbox?


Spreading the reading word …

For some time CBN has been looking for a way to reach more children – to excite more children about books, to make reading cool.

The methods we have been using in our workshops (for nearly four years now), work really well. We see a difference. Children come back. They ask for more. It was time to put energy and effort into spreading the word and teacher-librarians have welcomed the idea with such enthusiasm that we can’t keep up! There is no doubt about the demand. We just have to deliver.

And a toolbox is?

A kit designed to give material for ten workshops, for around 25 children each time, in an eleven-week term. The three kits could rotate so that each teacher-librarian has three boxes in a school year – 30 sessions. We estimate that each teacher-librarian will reach at least 150 children per term, probably more.

The books, games and activities are carefully selected to fit with a theme. During each session, each child will listen to stories, create their own stories, read quietly, play a reading board game, and enjoy research, crafts and activities around the theme

Everything fits in a sturdy plastic box designed to carry documents and, in fact, holding fifteen hanging files that we use to store the books, activities and suggestions for librarians.

There are the three themes currently in production:
• Books and Stories
• Green, Green Theme
• Time

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