Friends, friends … and even better friends


Our thanks to our Chairman of the Board of CBN, Roy Zazeraj

When we begin a workshop, we always tell the children that they are now part of a network of friends, a network that extends throughout the world of people and deep into the world of books.

Without our friends, CBN would not exist; would never have been able to begin. One who has made a significant contribution to our governance and status as an NPO is the Chairman of our Board, Roy Zazeraj.

‘I’ll help and advise, but I won’t be on the board …’ he warned when we first met him. But he could see the need. An organization like CBN cannot thrive without expert advice from those with experience of trusts and registration for this and that, without the ability to disentangle spreadsheets and advise on funding applications. Before he could stop himself, Roy not only agreed to be on our board (and bring two other members of Rotary Newlands with him as board members in Kenny van Aardt and Mike Welwyn), he had spontaneously agreed to be chair.

Roy, and his lovely wife Sharon have been anchors for CBN in a difficult time of development and growth. His steady advice and care have led us through the processes of good governance without which no organization can function properly.

We would like, here and now, to thank him most sincerely for all he has been to a fledgling organization – and to hope he sees us through a little bit further before he hands us over. Roy … you are very much, and very sincerely, appreciated!

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