New beginnings


For CBN we have a new, New Year when we hit the first of March and begin our new financial year. So, it IS the first of March and we have a whole new 2019 filing section to populate, and many plans.

The children
Are as excited as ever about coming to any workshops we manage to put together for them. This year we are going to try to do more of the small, Saturday workshops, interspersed with the bigger ‘bells and whistles’ workshops with external facilitators and additional resources.

Teen Team
A new year, a new team. We will be working more closely with staff and pupils at Hermanus High School and we already have two Teen Team hard at work – Jacques Rousseau, who continues as our sports facilitator, and Nick Mohr who is taking over photography and the developing of the CBN reading game.

CBN Team
The admin that sometimes threatens to overwhelm us is now split between three sterling (and expert) helpers. Wilien van Zyl continues to handle workshop admin. Leanne Robertson is invaluable in the general admin and Elsa Gebhard casts her eagle eye over our accounts. Our wonderful board give backup support and good governance.

CBN is always supremely grateful to the people who provide the energy in the form of money! We have had strong support in the past and are starting the year well with a promised donation that will fund workshops and toolboxes throughout the year. We need to focus on raising money for operational costs to cover the running of what has become a thriving NPO.

New Plans
We are looking at the possibility of a book club where children can borrow books from us and take them home. This would fill a gap identified in how we are working with our children. It will need time and thought – but can be done.

We are now renting office space at the Butterfly Centre in Stanford – a move that became more than necessary – and still have the use of the classrooms until the end of June. We are exploring possibilities for where we might go after that. Suggestions welcome!

Image: members of the workshop team and volunteers.

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