Who are we? The CBN team revealed: croc E Moses


croc E is a special part of CBN workshops. When he starts getting into his ‘Disaster Management: Poet’ overall and puts on his poet’s hat, children sit up and take notice. He speaks to them softly, and they listen. He uses words in a way that fascinates them. He presents ideas that make them think. He makes them involved in his story and absorbed in his words. He asks them to ‘skip bounce, dance, doodle’, and they do.

Born in Canada and drifting gently into CBN workshops by way of Swaziland and other places, croc E is a free spirit. He is an artist, a poet, a writer, a musician of great sensitivity, playful with words at all times, caring, concerned … hard to pin down in two paragraphs! Three words might suffice. Children love him.

To read Praise Poem for Amahle, a poem croc E always performs for our children, go to:

By croc E moses © 2011

For more information about croc E – and to contact him for bookings – go to:

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