Programme Red Hill July Workshop


A TWO-DAY Workshop 16th & 17th July

Themes for these days will be:Time, People and working with music and the rock gongs. The children will work with musicians, clapping, humming and singing.

Start 9.30 Breakfast.

10.00 Library Hall: Begin Books and Stories session 10.00 – 11.00 including performances / interaction from Croc E, Anele and Lesley and others
Biscuits and juice at 11.00


Work on the big projects: Hall

1 Shadow puppets – Rosemary and Emily/Lesley
2 Listen beautifully Croc E and Anele on poetry, words and sounds
3 I-Books Phumla, Mary/Hugh and Emily/Lesley – writing, art and photographs and recording

1.00 LUNCH

1.30 – 2.30 Hall
Rock gong activities, clapping, humming, singing, recording, rock gongs

Apples for the way home
Group pictures

3.00 HOME

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