Programme for Living Landscape July Workshop


This 4-day workshop will give us time to complete some large projects – shadow puppets with San themes, beautiful words poetry project, iBooks on the iPads and working with the rock gongs on site.

DAYS 1-3

Themes for these days will be:

Start 9.30 Breakfast.

10.00 Hall: Begin Books and Stories session 10.00 – 11.00 including performances / interaction from Croc E, Anele and Lesley and others
Biscuits and juice at 11.00


Work on the big projects: Hall, Classroom, B&B

1 Shadow puppets – Rosemary and Emily/Lesley
2 Listen beautifully Croc E and Anele on poetry, words and sounds
3 I-Books Phumla, Mary/Hugh and Emily/Lesley – writing, art and photographs and recording

1.00 LUNCH

1.30 – 2.30 Hall
Rock gong activities, clapping, humming, singing, recording rock gongs

Apples for the way home
Group pictures

3.00 HOME

10.00 Hall
Discussion of big projects. Books and Stories Preparing for exhibition and performance. Hopefully riel dancers

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