Plans, plans … Plans!

Workshop dates for the new workshops season are falling into place. Now that everybody is settled back at school, we will begin in Red Hill in February and in Clanwilliam in March – when the worst of the heat should be over.

Red Hill 28 February
Rivers will be the theme, with water and music and we will be trialling material for the toolbox on the same theme. Workshop begins at 10.00 and finishes at 11.30. The children will be collected from Red Hill and brought down to Simon’s Town Library with organized transport.

Saturday March 7 will be the start of our River theme and development of the toolbox of the same name with Clanwilliam Saturday Story enthusiasts.

Clanwilliam March 20 to 21
We will be continuing work on Music and the Rock Gong project and beginning the work for the year on the archaeology associated with the raising f the Clanwilliam Dam wall and consequent flooding.

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