Mobile Book Club Boxes

The Mobile Book Club Boxes were initiated at the beginning of 2021 after lockdown. There was a need for children to have access to books without going to the local library. Covid restrictions didn’t allow them access to the facility.

Children’s Book Network, recruited local organisations in the community and keen parents to assist us in regulating the use of these book boxes.

We currently have 10 Mobile Book Club Boxes circulating in the community.

Hoopland Akademia has two boxes that was compiled to suit their learners.

Jenny October, (Foundation for Community Works) has three boxes that she uses during their workshops.

Terry Takura, has one box that he regulates from this home, Zwehile Hermanus.

Okkie Smuts Hostel has two boxes that will be accessible to the hostel learners.

Facilitators have two boxes that the children can use during workshops.

We lost a lot of books during the September 2023 floods in Stanford. We are hoping to expand and compile more Mobile Book Club Boxes, once we’ve built up our book collection.

– WvZ January

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