June 2014

Workshop Reports

Our first day at Clanwilliam. We had a beautiful successful day with the children. They were so amazingly easy to work with, so far

Children's writing

Aneline My grandmother loves to tell stories about her past. She tells us how they lived. Sometimes it went good and sometimes it went

Children's writing

In Saturday stories, we worked with books and stories about grandparents and discussed (in the winter sun) how important they are in our lives.

General Reports

On Saturday 14th June children in Clanwilliam remembered the children and young people who were part of the freedom struggle in South Africa, particularly

Project Reports

As part of the run-up to the July music workshop at Living Landscape in Clanwilliam, children from Sederberg Primary, Elizabethfontein Primary and Augsberg Primary

Project Reports

On Saturday, a huge truck pulled up at Living Landscape project in Clanwilliam. It brought carefully selected ringing rocks from the Karoo – rock


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