Training Workshops 2024

Wilien van Zyl, our workshop and training manager has been hard at work, specifically on the training manual for our three amazing facilitators, Rachel van Rooyen, Georgette Plaatjies, and Kelly Semu (with more trainees to follow soon). The result was an excellent workshop held at Stanford’s new business and meeting venue, The Nest. We have

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Mobile Book Club Boxes

The Mobile Book Club Boxes were initiated at the beginning of 2021 after lockdown. There was a need for children to have access to books without going to the local library. Covid restrictions didn’t allow them access to the facility. Children’s Book Network, recruited local organisations in the community and keen parents to assist us

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Timeless Whispers

TIMELESS WHISPERS “In South Africa, the Karoo is always ‘over the mountains’. Wherever you come from, you must cross high blue mountains by dangerous passes that corkscrew up into the sky and then let you down again on the other side. It is very beautiful. It is very big. It is very dry – except

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Hope and more Reading

    The faded image of a paper found floating around our Children’s Book Network store after last week’s devastating floods says it all. Stanford has been through a terrible week.  First there was the image of our river entirely out of control. There was disbelief. (It can’t be coming through the door!)  Followed by

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Time Trackers in Tankwa

As part of our toolbox development programme, and in association with Dr Emily Hallinan, who is an archaeologist working in the Tankwa, we have contributed stories about the importance of her work looking at how people made stone tools in the Middle Stone Age. Along the way, an absorbing book for teenagers emerged that has

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