November 2020

Friends. Where would we be without them?

Yesterday (19th November) a very informal meeting was attended by 14 individuals and organizations working with children in Stanford. Tomorrow … in the future

Friends. Where would we be without them?

At Children’s Book Network, we don’t do black. In keeping with our new Happiness Project for the children, we are offering you the chance

General News

On Thursday 19th at 11.00 am at Madre’s in Stanford, there will be a very informal – and brief – meeting between those involved


Pictured here are past staff member Lisa Witherden (left) and mainstay Wilien van Zyl (right) proudly wearing CBN tee-shirts and walking with the Lighthouse2Lighthouse

What can you do to help?

What a relief to write a different number. The year 2021 already sounds a lot better than the one we have just had (and

Friends. Where would we be without them?

CBN’s Administration person is one totally reliable friend! Arriving for any meeting precisely 30 seconds before start time, she is unfailingly organized, calm and


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