Vuyokazi Siza – local facilitator


Vuyo has been working with CBN for four years now, in a job she gradually expanded into, until we can’t imagine how we managed without her. She began as a workshop assistant, took over the business end of getting permission forms to parents, getting the De Kop informal settlement children to Stanford and even making the sandwiches. She has now, in lockdown, been a totally indispensable team member.

During lockdown, Vuyo provided a safe haven for (masked and sanitized) children who came to her house to work on Lockdown Learning projects while it was possible under the regulations. When it was no longer possible, she made sure that reading packages were distributed weekly to those who needed it. Without her, this essential initiative would not have been possible.

Now that regulations have changed yet again, Vuyo is the key person in the chain of the Happiness Project. Children are once again gathering at her home to read, write, illustrate and talk about their five senses and how they relate to life and happiness.

Thank you, Vuyo.

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