Plans for 2014

Even given the dreaded proviso ‘funding permitting’, CBN has some exciting plans for the coming year. We are currently planning, and will begin implementing, in February, an ambitious year-long programme of workshops and related events in the Cederberg Mountains (about three hours north of Cape Town).

This will include developing ideas to excite children about reading using their local environment and landscape. It will involve working with heritage, conservation, history, archaeology, rock art, music, geology and (always!) books and stories relating to these and other themes.

The programme will be in association with the University of Cape Town and Clanwilliam Municipality and will hopefully involve our sister organizations working in reading. CBN focuses on children in upper primary school (10-12 years-old) and we will be asking for support and advice from those working with other age groups and working with different methods.

All of us (particularly the children of the region who have already enjoyed workshops and informal reading events) are looking forward to it.

Happy new reading year to all of us!
1 January 2014

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