Draft Timetable for Cederberg Stories 2014

We have planned a slow start to the year, allowing for the high temperatures in the area during January and February, escalating to a major workshop during the winter holidays when we will facilitate various music events and performances. Another major focus will be the spring holidays with exhibitions of work and performances during Heritage Week in Clanwilliam and also before exams begin in the fourth term in Cape Town.

We are proposing a rotation of the grades for different workshops – Grades 5, 6 and 7 and a more informal Saturday Session for a more general group (still within the designated age group) who would like to take part in some of the activities, but cannot be at the workshop. This should greatly increase CBN reach in the area and give more children the opportunity to be part of this exciting year. Some of these sessions may be held at other venues such as the participating libraries in the region.

The theme for 2014 is The Cederberg Mountains – past, present and future. During the workshops and Saturday Sessions we will be addressing different aspects of life in this beautiful region. In October 2013 we began the project by looking at landscape and mapping both in the larger context of the mountains, and the more focused examination of street and town planning and individual homes.

The focus of all the workshops is reading and story, but presented through different and stimulating lenses. The children will always hear and read stories and non-fiction connected to the topic and will also create their own texts and illustrations.

CBN Dates for 2014:

January and early February:
Planning and admin

February 21 and 22
Family Histories – with follow-up on subsequent Saturday mornings.

March 28 – 5 April (Autumn holidays)
Workshops on Environmental and Cultural Conservation, hopefully with Cape Nature and also University of Cape Town input.

April 11 and 12
People of the Cederberg – people who lived here in the distant, and more recent past. We are also hoping that the iPad project can begin to get under way by this stage (text, film and illustrations created by children). Photography workshop.

May 23 – 24
Culture of the Cederberg – Art, Literature, Dancing, Music, Poetry, Cooking and stories. This will be in preparation for the major workshops during the winter holidays.

27 June to 19 July (Winter holidays)
The Rock Gong Project and music with UCT, choristers, drummers and musicians as well as composers and performers. The iPad project will run concurrent with this.

August (Date to be decided)
Rock art and rocks – input from Geologists and Archaeologists

September (Date to be decided)
Heritage month. Talking about Time and preparing a time line in Park Street. We hope this will include participation from Cederberg Municipality. This year (2014) is the 200th anniversary of Clanwilliam.

October – November (Dates to be decided)
Activities around performances and exhibitions of work.


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