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Our Records

Title File
Survey of children on 2020 activities PDF icon results-survey-what-do-you-26-feb-2021-copy.pdf
CBN 2020 Monitoring & Evaluating Report PDF icon monitor-and-evaluation-report-2020.pdf
CBN Annual Report 2020 PDF icon 2020-annual-report-final.pdf
MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Application Form PDF icon myschool-digital-application-form.pdf
Children's Book Network Annual Report - 2018 PDF icon childrens-book-network-annual-report-2018.pdf
CBN Annual Financial Statements - Year Ended 28 February 2019 PDF icon annual-financial-statements-year-ended-28-february-2019.pdf
Children's Book Network 1000 Club - A funding appeal without the number 19 in it! PDF icon cbn-1000-club-final.pdf
Children's Book Network - Annual Report 2019 PDF icon childrens-book-network-annual-report-2019.pdf
Children's Book Network - Annual Report 2019 - Low Resolution PDF icon childrens-book-network-annual-report-2019-low-res.pdf
Children's Book Network - Annual Report 2019 - No Images PDF icon childrens-book-network-annual-report-2019-no-images.pdf
CBN Funding Proposal - 2020 - Shortened Version PDF icon cbn-funding-proposal-2020-shortened-version.pdf
CBN Funding Proposal - 2020 PDF icon cbn-funding-proposal-2020.pdf
Funding Report to Donor 2019 PDF icon funding-report-donor-2019.pdf
Books and Stories: Red Toolbox Content PDF icon red-toolbox-contents.pdf
Books and Stories: Red Toolbox Manual PDF icon red-toolbox-manual.pdf
Funding Proposal 2019-2020 PDF icon funding-proposal-2019-2020-low-res.pdf
Annual Report 2017 PDF icon annual-report-2017-final.pdf
Funding Proposal 2018-2020 PDF icon cbn-funding-proposalrevisedsmall.pdf
Annual Report 2016 PDF icon annual-report-2016.pdf
Annual Report 2015 PDF icon annual-report-2015-final.pdf
Funding Proposal 2015 PDF icon shortfundingproposalcbn2015.pdf
Annual Report 2014 PDF icon cbn-annual-report-2014.pdf
Themes for 2015 Workshops PDF icon themes-2015.pdf
Rivers of Stories - New York Event - April 2015 PDF icon riversofstories.pdf
Book made on iPad by Leslene, in Clanwilliam PDF icon leslene.pdf
Book made on iPad by Anceline, in Clanwilliam PDF icon anceline.pdf
Annual Report 2013 PDF icon cbn-annual-report-2013.pdf
Report on Swedish Visit 2012 PDF icon cbnsweden-cooperation-book-people.pdf
Invitation to event in Clanwilliam 2013 PDF icon clanwilliam-living-landscape-project-invite.pdf
Book on 'Home' by the children of Red Hill PDF icon redhill-writing-book-2012.feb-edition.pdf
Annual Report CBN 2012 PDF icon cbn-annual-report-2012.pdf
Children's Book Network - Funding proposal 2012 PDF icon cbn-funding-doc.november-2012..pdf
Children's Book Network - Overview PDF icon cbn-general-info.pdf