What next for CBN?

This month of November sees us nearing completion of the first of three planned toolboxes – and they are even more exciting than we had hoped.

Our workshops are very intense. They can’t be done with hundreds of children at a time. But we wanted to spread our methods to reach more young people – to excite more interest in reading. So we have condensed four years of experience into a marvellous magic box filled with books, stories, ideas, games and activities.

The box has ten workshop plans for ten mini-workshops that could be held as an after-school activity or on a Saturday morning as part of a reading club. Next year we hope to be able to work on a further two magic boxes, so that eventually there will be a box for each of the first three terms.

Two Books and Stories toolboxes have already been bought and paid for. Watch this space for an announcement about where they are going – and then for more information about the boxes and where to get them.

In the meantime, plans for workshops continue. There will be two small workshops in Stanford in November and we are hoping to work with children during the long summer holidays too.

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