Listening Beautifully: A evening fund-raising event on 7 July

Listening Beautifully: A Fund-raising event on July 7th: Six-thirty for seven

‘Listen beautifully!’ Anele Mhlahlo tells the children who attend our workshops. ‘Close your eyes and let the magic of music – and story – into your mind.

CBN has some of South Africa’s greatest storytellers assembling to make just that kind of magic at the Centre for the Book at 63 Queen Victoria Street in Cape Town on 7th July. Come after six for a glass of wine and a snack and then settle down to listen to the stars.

Gçina Mhlophe is famous worldwide as an actress, storyteller, novelist, playwright, film director, and writer of books for children, and all-round fantastic person! When she comes into a room, something changes. People lean forward to listen. The air crackles with anticipation … and then it begins. Come and share her stories.

Sindiwe Magona has been telling stories in one way or another all her life – in plays and novels, short stories, poetry – and books for children. She is an inspirational speaker of great power and integrity. Children and adults love to listen to her powerful stories and message. ‘Love yourself’, she tells the children and they hug themselves tight and remember her message,

Croc E Moses, internationally known performance poet and musician, is an integral part of all our workshops, bringing his gentle message that words are wonderful; words are beautiful. He speaks softly – and children listen. He works with them on their own poems and they shine. He sings to them, shares with them … bonds with them … and they respond with warmth and affection.

Anele Mhlahlo is a young violin soloist with a lot to give. He is deeply passionate about sharing music and stories with children – and about empowering them to fly, to be free, to achieve. ‘I did it,’ he tells them. You can too!’ He asks the children to close their eyes while he plays for them, and they are transported. His violin dances and his message reaches all the children he speaks too. Come and hear him.

This is a fundraiser for Children’s Book Network. We hope to raise money to enable more workshops with children from Red Hill informal settlement near Simon’s Town and from rural Cederberg around Clanwilliam.

(Children are welcome, but – this time – we wanted to include adults who are unable to attend workshops or events during the day.)

Main photograph Gçina Mhlophe. Gallery photographs, Sindiwe Magona, Coc E Moses and Anele Mhlahlo.

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