On happiness …

Making children happy is one of the most important objectives of CBN. Yes, we are about books and reading. But the children who come to our workshops are exposed to other things as well. We aim to make them happy.

Our workshops follow a theme – lately it has been Imagination – or as the participants themselves say, as they vigorously clap their hands: IM-AG-IN-AT-ION! That means hearing stories, reading stories, discussing stories and illustrating stories. There are games around the theme and songs. There are thoughtful moments and quiet thinking. There are energy-engaging games. And learning soccer skills. There is a snack on arrival and lunch if the workshop is a long one. Yes, there are all of these things.

But what we CBN people see is something that warms the mind as well as the heart. Children who are safe and cared for. Children who have somebody listening to them, somebody hearing what they say. Children who are engaged and participating.

Children who, for that time and that space, are happy.

A reminder of what we aim to achieve:


We work with children who have completed their first few years of school and are in the difficult stage (between 9 and 12 years of age) where they can read, but often don’t. Our aim is to encourage a love of reading and books through exciting workshops where we present themed stories and books, allow for quiet reading alone or with a friend, play games around the theme and have a great deal of fun in the process. Our participants write, read, sing, song-write, discuss, play and make music. We introduce them to the joys of non-fiction and often invite visiting presenters who share their special knowledge or skills in creative arts. Our aim is not just to help children to enjoy reading – but to make them happy in a safe environment where they can be free to let their imaginations fly with books and stories.

Our thanks to:
National Lotteries Commission for funding our organization’s operational costs
Butterfly Centre for allowing us to use their school out of school hours.
The Kells Family Trust for funding our workshops and toolboxes
Butterfly Centre for allowing us to use their premises out of school hours

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