An exciting future ahead for CBN

This last year has marked a significant change for CBN as we moved from being a small group of friends doing what we were able to – to being a larger group of friends tackling bigger projects.

The need for the work we do has also grown. Reading, for the age group we work with (10,11 and 12 years old, with a bit of flexibility at either end) is absolutely critical to the further development of children’s lives, wellbeing and education. Children stop us in the street to ask when the next workshop will be. Organizations write to us from all over Africa to ask if they can share our experience and methods.

Which is precisely what we intend to do. We view the workshops as the place where we can test and enrich our ideas – and workshops will always happen. But that pool of knowledge gained there is being used to polish the toolboxes. These will be available next year in three different formats – for teacher-librarians in under-resourced communities, for librarians with more extensive book stocks and for individuals working with smaller groups.

We will be able to do this work because of generous donations from supporters of CBN who follow our work and respond by offering support. We are eternally grateful.

For more information on the toolboxes, please go to:

We will be introducing the members of our board, our supporters and funders during the next two weeks.

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