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Anna Caries Water

Anna Caries Water

A charming picture book – Anna Carries water about Anna, who desperately wants to be able to carry water on her head like the older children do. In this sweet water-carrying coming of age story, Anna eventually achieves what she dreams of – with the help of a scary cow in a field. Confidence was […]

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The Magic Fish

The Magic Fish

In an African setting, this is the tale of the fisherman who catches a fish that talks and, out of kindness, sets it free. But his greedy brother reckons this magic fish – which is not unlike a coelacanth – is worth a few wishes. So their grass hut becomes a brick house, and the

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Ben and the Wales

Ben and the Whales

There is something wondrous and majestic about standing on a seaside cliff and watching the whales. Using a story inside a story, here is a boy facing up to the death of his grandfather and helped by the realisation that all of us, just like the whales, have a journey to take through life. Evocatively

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