And how are the children?

A common question, this time with no satisfactory answer.

The year of 2020 has had a serious, and very negative, effect on our children. We know this is a global phenomenon and are monitoring reports from elsewhere about how it is being handled.

As always, the impact of disaster is greatest on the most vulnerable. It is necessary to say that we understand the pain of children everywhere who may have lost family and friends, suffered illness themselves and been denied education and opportunities as a result of the pandemic. We acknowledge that with deep sorrow.

But we have to turn our attention to the problem in front of our eyes. That is not going to be easy. Covid protocols distance us from children in more ways than one. With only their eyes visible above their masks, we cannot see their smiles, if they are indeed smiling. Those eyes are not the same as they were. They are disengaged, disenchanted … disappointed. We have to change that, or at least do the best we can to bring those eyes back to real and present life.

Reading remains the single best opportunity and way out of the situation they find themselves in. Unless we have some budding soccer stars about to be snapped up, there are few ways for children to rise above poverty except through education. Reading, understanding, empathizing, learning … those are relatively easy. If somebody will just bring the BOOKS.

Children’s Book Network offers support programmes that could help children anywhere in the world. All we need is a bit help … and a bit of energy.

In Level One lockdown, it was appropriate to hold a small workshop keeping to all Covid protocols. For more information go to:

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