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March workshop – theme COLOURS


On 19th March, CBN held our first workshop in over a year and the children were very eager to be part of that after all these months of working independently.

It has been a long – long – time. We have been in constant touch with Vuyo and Phumlani, our local facilitators – and this might be the perfect place to express our gratitude to them for carrying the torch of reading. Our lockdown projects are documented elsewhere and we believe them to have been very successful, judging from the written work around the reading we provided.

As this was Human Rights Day (and a public holiday), Wilien began proceedings with a carefully planned section on the rights of children – matched with their responsibilities in their communities.

The reading workshop began, as always, with books and progressed from there to a programme of artwork, thinking, discussion and more reading. It was thought-provoking.

Too many children came in hope. We had to turn some away, particularly the small ones who remain hungry for story. We are thinking how to get round this problem – and the fact that children distracted by Covid have even shorter attention spans than before. We are considering two identical, shorter workshops back-to-back. We are talking to the community about storytellers who might fill the gap. We are thinking.

But we will not give up!