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Children’s Book Network (CBN) began early in 2012, the dream of founders Gçina Mhlophe, Lesley Beake and Sindiwe Magona. Our purpose is to bring books to children and children to books - to make reading cool. We work through this website - an ever expanding resource - and through community workshops planned with, by and for the children.

CBN passionately believes that ALL children should have the chance to read books that interest and excite them. ALL children should have access to books that take them into other worlds, other lives. ALL children deserve books and stories.

We often use picture books with teenagers, short extracts from adult books with primary school children, poetry and short stories for all age groups. It's not about a reading level stamped somewhere on the book. Our children need to fly.

The key words are Workshop and Website. Workshops take centre stage when we work with children and really get down to basics. The website forms the cement that sticks the workshops together, giving us a place to publish writing and translation.

What is a workshop? Our focus is always books, books and more books, but we work towards that end in different ways. Our original concept, which we still maintain, is that children need to see books and stories as fun and worthwhile objectives instead of educational chores.

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By Meshack Asare
By Dianne Stewart
By Carolyn Morton


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