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Read at Home


Our purpose is to bring books to children and children to books - to make reading accessible and cool. We work through community workshops planned with, by and for the children, and through this website - an ever-expanding resource. Our idea with our Read at Home projects, is to provide easily accesible resources that can be downloaded online. Child reading quietly with teddy bear

Lockdown Learning

During our nation’s lockdown in 2020, we developed our Lockdown Learning Programme - the first of what we hope will be many Read at Home projects. This is a series of teaching and reading materials that would be equally effective in a home environment or at a workshop. While we send these booklets out to our children in the communities with which we work, these resources will also be a permanent, free resource on our website that we will upgrade and add to from time to time. 


2 Sep 2020
If ever we needed it, it’s now! But we have been forced to admit that it is not possible to achieve all we wanted to do in the circumstances of even more necessary lockdown.
20 Jul 2020
We have been very fortunate to receive funding from Rotary Rotweil that will enable us to continue our reading programme for children out of school.
2 Jul 2020
We are glad to report that the eight weeks of Lockdown Learning is extended for another week and that Vuyo reports a really good response to the 20-page (sometimes more) reading booklets CBN...
26 Jun 2020
Children’s Book Network has nearly completed an 8-week reading programme called Lockdown Learning with children in De Kop and Stanford South.
11 Jun 2020
Now in it’s fifth week, with daily activities, reading, writing and illustrating as well as games and songs, we hope this is making a difference in difficult times.
1 Jun 2020
Each week since the 11th of May, we have distributed CBN Lockdown Learning Booklets to our children in De Kop settlement in Stanford. Each booklet is based on a special theme. Topics and activities...
14 May 2020
There was a joyful response from children at De Kop informal settlement on Monday 11th May, when the starter kits were handed out with Week One of activities (a 20-page booklet of games, writing,...