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Read at Home

Operation Read at Home


During lockdown we have developed a series of free teaching/reading materials that would be equally effective in a home environment or at a workshop. This will be a permanent, free resource that we will upgrade and add to from time to time.


The units are based on the contents of our Reading Toolboxes which are the result of eight years of development and research and which have been tested exhaustively in workshops. We are excited to move this development work into a new phase. 

Each unit will be compiled by Lisa Witheren, Lesley Beake and Wilien van Zyl - all part of the CBN team.


19 May 2020
In this week’s Read at Home activities, we are going to be exploring big ideas around the environment. From the importance of bees, to climate change, to water conservation, this week promises to...
28 Apr 2020
In this week’s Read at Home activities, we are going to be exploring our environment using our five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell.
21 Apr 2020
DAY 1 - TIME AND LANDSCAPE Time and Landscape are very large topics (enormous topics!) so we are going to break them down to small-sized pieces that we will put together again later.
13 Apr 2020
This week, we're focusing our READ AT HOME activities on the environment. Each day, we'll be sharing with you a warmup to get you energised and ready for the day, a story to read aloud, a book review...
3 Apr 2020
Each day this week, we have posted a book review paired with an activity on the theme 'Postcards of me'. These daily activities guide children to write to their imaginary (or real, perhaps in some...