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There are some articles updating the progress of this project. Scroll down below them for the 9 weeks of reading materials that were supplied to Stanford South and De Kop children in need during the first stages of lockdown.


20 Jul 2020
We have been very fortunate to receive funding from Rotary Rotweil that will enable us to continue our reading programme for children out of school.
26 Jun 2020
Children’s Book Network has nearly completed an 8-week reading programme called Lockdown Learning with children in De Kop and Stanford South.
1 Jun 2020
Each week since the 11th of May, we have distributed CBN Lockdown Learning Booklets to our children in De Kop settlement in Stanford. Each booklet is based on a special theme. Topics and activities...
14 May 2020
There was a joyful response from children at De Kop informal settlement on Monday 11th May, when the starter kits were handed out with Week One of activities (a 20-page booklet of games, writing,...
Title File
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 8 PDF icon lockdown-learning-week-9.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 9 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-9-booklet.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 7 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-7-booklet.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 6 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-6-booklet.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 5 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-5-booklet.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 4 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-4-booklet.pdf
Week 5 | Environmental Theme Activities PDF icon environment-week-5.pdf
Hope's Holiday - Read at Home Week 5 - Day 5 - Nali'Bali PDF icon hopes-holiday-week-5-day-5.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 3 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-3-booklet.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 2 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-2-booklet.pdf
Mr. Shabalala's Garden - Day 1 Reading - Week 5 - Nali'Bali PDF icon mr-shabalalas-garden-day-1-reading-week-5-nalibali.pdf
CBN Lockdown Learning | Week 1 PDF icon cbn-lockdown-learning-week-1-booklet.pdf
Week 3 | Time and Landscape Activities PDF icon week-3-time-and-lanscape-activities.pdf
Week 4 | Environmental Theme Activities PDF icon week-4-environmental-theme-activities.pdf
Week 2 | Environmental Theme Activities PDF icon week-2-environmental-theme-activities.pdf
Week 1 | Postcards of me PDF icon week-1-postcards-me-activities.pdf
Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Activity Book - From Usborne PDF icon stem-booklet-2020-web-1compressed.pdf