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The Big Plan (PP)


‘PP’ stands for ‘Pandemic Permitting’ and will probably be permanently in our thoughts and planning for a long time to come. As will ‘Covid compliant’. That said, we have some exciting ideas brewing for the Spring holidays beginning in early October. Life – and reading – must go on.

Workshops have continued throughout almost all of the winter lockdowns and we have dedicated facilitators in Vuyokazi Siza in De Kop and Wilien van Zyl in Stanford South where she runs three small book groups and Stanford Library weekly workshop where an enthusiastic group of children meet after school every Monday. We can’t have the all-singing, all-dancing workshops we are used to, but the children enjoy the activities – and the reading. (Stats. from these workshops showing the breakdown of ages, languages and gender are available here.)

Toolboxes have taken a huge surge forward as lockdown cleared a great deal of useful time to get them completed and – just as important – adapted to suit the demands of the pandemic. They have turned out to be an enormous project with a great deal of material being specially created to meet the needs of our children. More about the difficulties of assembling the material here. They are a never-ending task! The Red Toolbox should be complete (again!) in its new manifestation by September. The Green and Blue Toolboxes are both in production and we fervently hope to complete them by the end of 2021.

The CBN Spring Festival will be big, or smaller – or really, really, small, depending on lockdown at the time, but it will happen! News of this will be published soon.

We are also planning a new look on social media and out long-serving website which needs to be updated for cellphone compatibility, so expect a new CBN look, but still directed at the most important thing we can think of. Getting children reading!