2024 Already? We are good to go!

As schools begin thinking about getting back to work after the holidays,
Children’s Book Network is committed to increased involvement and

Here is our plan of action:

Our goal remains, and will always remain:

  • To bring a love of books and stories to the under-served age group of 10-
    12 years old.
  • To do this through a themed, very focused approach to reading that
    encourages thinking and imagination. Particularly, we encourage
    creative and critical thinking and involvement with the topics and with
    the development of reading skills.
  • To show that books can be fun as well as useful and that reading is the
    most essential life skill in an increasingly challenging world.

For practical purposes and to help administer and fund what we do, we have
divided our projects although they each inform the other and add value to the

There are three aspects of our work:

  • Workshops where we work with children out of schooltime. Our ideas
    can be applied in multiple reading situations as a core resource of
    interesting and exciting material to inspire imagination. Each collection
    of themed texts is supported by activities, ideas, suggestions, and
    musical and artistic background.
  • CBN Reading Toolboxes are sturdy wheeled boxes that hold a mini
    library of books and texts, ideas, and activities. These carefully
    assembled collections are the result of twelve years of research and
    development and many hundreds of workshops in rural areas.
  • Training of facilitators from local communities will escalate in 2024. We
    have already trained three, who work with groups of children in their
    own environment on a weekly basis. This core group will assist with the
    training of a further six during the year. We are also completing our training handbook that provided practical help and advice about how to
    hold a workshop.

Our workshop programme can be found here:

More information about our toolboxes can be found at:

Additional information about our training programme can be found at: https://www.childrensbook.co.za/2022/09/26/training-programme-for-local-facilitators/

Further information:
We are adding weight to our social media platforms and reserving the website
for core documents and announcements. We can be found on:

Direct contact with CBN is through admin@childrensbook.co.za

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