Time Trackers in Tankwa

As part of our toolbox development programme, and in association with Dr Emily Hallinan, who is an archaeologist working in the Tankwa, we have contributed stories about the importance of her work looking at how people made stone tools in the Middle Stone Age. Along the way, an absorbing book for teenagers emerged that has now been published on Amazon. Click here for the details of how to order or download. All profits go to CBN.


Tana, who is twelve years old and living on a farm in the most arid part of the South African Karoo, meets three archaeologists who have come to do survey work in the Tankwa. This meeting changes her life plan as she becomes deeply interested in the stories the stones can suggest. Information at the back of the book tell us much more about the scientific background.

Illustrations by Michael Pattison bring the story of the stones to life.

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