September Heritage Workshops


This year, we are celebrating Heritage Month with several workshops. Most excitingly, we will be travelling deep into the Karoo – to the Tankwa – to launch a new publication on Amazon of the story of the stones – the stones that were worked into tools many thousands of years ago. As part of the Blue Toolbox Project, writer Lesley Beake worked with archaeologist Emily Hallinan to make the Middle Stone Age (MSA) accessible to young people. The story of Tana and the Time Trackers is the result, with beautiful illustrations by Michael Pattison.

CBN will be travelling – with Emily and well-known travel writer Toast Coetzee – to give workshops in the area where the book is set. We will be doing several workshops at each at Calvinia Primary School and Elandsvlei Farm School. Watch this space for the reports!

To buy the book, or download as a pdf, please go to:



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