What Is A Bookbag?

In each of our Reading Toolboxes, there are a number of themed bags, packed with books, ideas, challenges, and excitement. 

Most importantly, there is a handbook. This is the roadmap, the way in, the explanation of how to get the most out of the contents of the bag. 

In the theme Bravery, for example (Red Toolbox for readers around ten years-old), there are ten published books on the idea of bravery, specifically bravery in young people. There are over 150 pages of original material – stories, non-fiction, poems, activity … thinking.  

Reading without thinking is meaningless. Reading to answer questions (What colour was his cloak?) adds nothing to understanding the deeper concepts of a text. Our activities include leading children towards: 

Reading – Thinking – Reading again – Writing – Thinking – Illustrating 

In every book-bag, in every toolbox, there is imagination and play. There are signposts to thinking.


Ideas about how to make reading easier and more effective. Tips on reading with deeper understanding. 


Each toolbox contains a customized writing course appropriate to the age group. 

Bookbags can be used independently of the toolboxes. 

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