Many thanks to Stanford Rotary!

There is always a huge need for new books to keep the interest and stimulate the reading activity of hundreds of children in Stanford who are now part of our Book Box Project. Rotary Stanford recently made a donation towards the cost of some additional books to add to the collection. 

There are now nine book boxes in circulation and books can be borrowed by children as the boxes circulate. The project is administered by Wilien van Zyl and it gives us an opportunity to rate the level of reading that the children choose for themselves – and see if they are choosing more difficult books as they go on. 

(And, to answer the most frequently asked question, we DO get the books back! Not one single book has been lost during over a year of the project.) 

With many thanks to Stanford Rotary for their continued support. 

Here are some pictures of the books we have bought so far. (We buy good second-hand books and new books that are either in sales, or that have been remaindered so as to stretch the funds as far as possible). 



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