Fashion Fun

Children have a discerning eye for style – as we discovered on Saturday 23 April, when CBN explored ideas around clothes, shoes, jewellery, beadwork, and architecture.

This time non-fiction was the backbone of the reading activities, backed up by a CBN story focusing on how consumerism can get in the way of real values. Large coffee-table books were spread out on the tables, ranging from Architecture to beadwork and activities that inspired some wonderful discussion and design by the children. There is enough material for another workshop in a month or so and a team of children eager to continue.

Terry Takura and Emmanuel Bhande launched the CBN song. Lesley launched her video-making career with about thirty usable seconds of the music (must try harder!) and Wilien moved smoothly around the hall, distributing the right art materials, and making sure everybody was happy and absorbed. The marvellous staff at Enlighten Educational Trust, who hosted the day, looked after the important tasks of snacks and lunch, and a good time was had by all.

There is a moment in some workshops where the planning and hard work just comes into focus in a single goose-bumps moment. Listening to the children singing the song Terry created for them, was one of those. Seeing the happy faces of the children posing for their group photograph was another.











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